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Audax was looking for a solution to integrate video conferencing into their client’s large training room. The client is focused in the medical field and it was crucial that this training room would be a simple, user-friendly experience that was easy for anyone to come in use. When spec’ing out products for the install, they looked at a variety of complicated and costly DSP’s that would require a significant amount of time to configure, program, and would cost the client tens of thousands of dollars.

The Solution

Audax selected the Stingray DSP Mixer paired with the Atlona Velocity platform as the key solutions for this room. To accommodate the number of ceiling microphones, a podium microphone, and ceiling speakers in the room, two Stingrays were daisy-chained to connect the audio in the room.

The Stingray paired with the intuitive Atlona platform and Dante integration allowed Audax to create a streamlined networked room that was just what the client needed.

The Outcome
The integration of the Stingray and having a video conferencing enabled conference room alleviates the cost and time that these medical professionals would otherwise have to spend on these trainings.

“The Stingray was a slam dunk. For us it was plug-and-play. You power it up, go on the front panel, adjust a few settings and you’re done. That’s it! My team loved it because we were in and out in less than an hour and a half” – Mr. Magallon, Project Manager at Audax

* Article by Phoenix Audio Technologies
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Two Daisy-Chained Stingray DSP Mixers

Atlona Velocity Gateway

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