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Voice-Over-IP Phone Systems

Enables advanced communications to improve collaboration, mobility, and customer service.

Our solutions deliver advanced telephony, mobility, messaging, and conferencing to all sites.

Avaya VOIP Systems

Built from the ground up specifically for small and medium-size businesses, IP Office delivers the communications capabilities big businesses are used to—with the elegant simplicity and ease of use small and midsize businesses consider a must-have. As a best-of-both-worlds small business communications system, IP Office helps growing enterprises differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity, lower costs, and improved customer service.

  • Power User

    Users control office communications using an IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages—voice, email, and fax—in a single inbox, and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly, and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones.

  • Mobile Worker

    Make any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system—complete with call handling features and speed dials. No more giving out personal reach numbers. Know that when customers call, they are dialing your business numbers, not your employees’ personal numbers.

  • Office Worker

    Designed for employees who work primarily at their desks, these communication tools help workers answer questions and convey critical information. Use a single, easy-to-use interface to manage conferencing, check the status of co-workers (see who’s on the phone, away, or on “do not disturb”), and for messaging, speed dial and IM.

  • Teleworker

    Give teleworkers—employees who work remotely full-time—the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office. Users connect their phones to the company’s phone system via a virtual private network. And because it all goes through the IP Office system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money.

  • Receptionist

    Help receptionists manage high call volume from their PCs. Streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. A list of incoming calls and call status displays on the PC screen. Integrate with commonly used database software. Monitor all office extensions. Have one receptionist provide coverage for multiple offices.

  • Customer Service Supervisor

    This monitoring and reporting application lets small businesses track and measure interactions and productivity in customer sales and service. Get reports to manage your sales activities, judge the value of marketing campaigns, and see how well agents are handling customer calls.

  • Customer Service Agent

    This browser-based client gives agents information about the number of calls on hold, in progress, or lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged out. If no calls are waiting to be answered, an agent can spend more time with the current caller, helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Cisco Small Business VOIP Systems

Building an Internet-ready phone system is now easier than ever. Cisco Small Business IP Phones are designed to meet your needs today and into the future by scaling with your business as it grows. Models range from one to six lines and can connect directly to the Cisco SPA9000 Voice System, an Internet telephone service provider, an IP PBX system, or a large-scale IP Centrex deployment.

Cisco Small Business IP phones offer:

  • An extensive selection of SIP-based IP phones that deliver a rich user experience.
  • Support for common phone system features, including caller ID, speakerphone, call hold, call transfer, conferencing, and more.
  • Detailed performance measurement and troubleshooting functions, which help smooth deployment and facilitate system fixes.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities that minimize wiring by eliminating the need for an additional power supply.